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restaraunt table for quick serve restaurant

Take Control Of Your Restaurant Construction Project With One Ten REI

Ready to expand your restaurant footprint?

Finding the right real estate location is probably one of the biggest hurdles facing Quick Serve Restaurants that are on track for growth – competition is fierce. Companies are continually looking at maximizing their square footage revenue in an effort to deal with the higher costs of doing business at prime locations in major markets. In truth, the best pieces of real estate sometimes never hit the open market but a savvy broker or developer will have their pulse on what’s happening in a community.


One Ten REI provides a single source of responsibility for every project giving you direct accountability and easier construction management of multiple sites. We work with companies like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Filiberto’s Mexican Restaurant, and Black Rock Coffee to build restaurants that are brand consistent and aligned with your rent structure. We understand the importance of opening your doors on time and more importantly on budget.


Whether you are building new construction or remodeling a restaurant, you need a qualified and skilled general contractor with a record of reliability and quality performance, One Ten REI has the experience as a quick-serve restaurant developer to bring to your project. We understand the unique challenges of new restaurant construction and bring our extensive practical experience to all of our development projects.


Our goal is to create efficiency through collaboration between your team and ours to develop a prototype that meets your required design specifications and fits within the design guidelines and development standards of the municipality or shopping center that you want to be in. We know major brands have exact standards from kitchen and dining room layout to electrical, water and sewer capacities, as well as queueing requirements for the drive-through. Our vetted contractors, architects and engineers can design and build the best store for you at one location—or nationwide.

Rendering of Tropical Smoothie for OneTen REI

Design and Budget

OneTen REI handles all of the coordination with each service professional needed for your project, streamlining the entitlements and permitting process in any jurisdiction by designing a site and building that will achieve approvals. OneTen REI has long-standing relationships with leading professionals in the architectural, engineering, construction, and financing arenas and can bring these relationships to your next project!


From site selection, financing, and planning to construction management, OneTen REI provides high-quality oversight over every aspect of your project that results in your new store being completed on time, on budget, and with superior quality.

We stand behind our work and take pride in making sure we deliver the best product to our clients.

All projects are unique and require different design elements and building specifications. We provide a comprehensive knowledge of construction management to meet any requirements.

OneTen REI has experience in some of the following areas:

 New construction as well as experience in repurposing existing buildings to align with your needs.
· Co-tenancy concepts for greater value and streamlined coordination.
· Coordination of tenant improvements
· Preparation and preservation of project budgets
· Architectural and engineering design analysis
· Proficient Value engineers; improving the value of your project by examining the function of each item or element and its associated cost. Read more about our experience with Value Engineering.


One Ten REI is a commercial real estate development company specializing in build-to-suit, ground-up development, and redevelopment of single and multi-unit retail projects across the United States. Through state-of-the-art technology and local street knowledge, One Ten REI can help pinpoint the most successful retail locations for corporate companies and franchisees. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you efficiently and cost-effectively maximize your footprint.