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Providing clients with the opportunity to mitigate their lease obligations is an uncharted development service that most developers would most likely be unwilling to include in their deal structures. At ONETEN REI, we like to think outside-of-the-box, literally. Our 45 year background in modular construction as manufacturers in northeast Pennsylvania has brought tremendous advantages to our clients and as we continue to evolve and change to meet the needs of those clients we are challenging ourselves to find unique ways to give retailers the tools they need to be successful.


Lease mitigation services mean that if a location is not working up to the performance need for the company to profit after twelve months, ONETEN REI will seek to rent the space to another user and move the tenant to another site. In many cases, when a location does not work the residual value of the building and equipment is worth very little to a new tenant. The fact that modular buildings can be relocated makes lease mitigation possible and could provide unparalleled flexibility for our clients.